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Why I chose to be an Esthetician...in Greenwood!

February 21, 20245 min read

HERE WE glow...

Greenwood, Indiana? How did I end up here? I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and moved to IL at 8 months old. I grew up in mostly on the Northside of Chicago. I always remember having skin problems, from eczema at the age of 6 to acne at the age of 19! Going in and out of the Dermatologists office, I finally said as a young adult to my Doctor, "you keep giving me different creams and they aren't working!" He said to me, "well...it is called a practice." 😡

The journey had just begun, and little did I know that my skin would continue to be a storyteller of its own.

Clara at A Touch of Claridy

I started reading ingredients.

You know when you're young and you start to read ingredients because you are bored? Oh, I guess that may have been just me. 😜 It paid off. How does one know when a product is good for you? Thankfully now a days we have apps that tell us what it takes to "think dirty". I was working as a JR. Network Administrator at the explosion of Google and can say I found my investigative instincts through Google at that point. I started my professional career as a Computer Technician, then learned how to program Cisco Routers and Switches. I worked for a company in IL and in my 5th year at that company, there was an opening in Northern California. I needed the change and accepted the position as a Sales Assistant, that wasn't structured very well. I moved to California, and one day in my office I questioned my life. I thought about my love for beauty. My prayer was answered about the direction to go when I called the Beauty school in the area and my jaw dropped as I was told most of my tuition would be paid! To new beginnings!

Plans Awry - Mural for mula

Things in Cali didn't go as planned, the housing bubble POPPED! I had to go back to Chicago, with nothing, no money, no real experience as an Esthetician. I did manage to get my extra credits to have my newly professional Esthetician license transferred to Illinois. Illinois required more hours to complete than Cali. Ask me about how that happened...funny story, I'll tell you anyway. I needed extra credits and had no extra mula, well, I was put to work in the school. One day the owner of the school saw me sitting at the front desk and said go paint me a mural. I said, okay! So it took me three days to draw this mural on the wall of Paris in exchange for my extra credits, (it was on the School's name, Paris Beauty College). Off I moved back to Chicagoland. I started working doing what I knew and runs in my blood, makeup! MAC Cosmetics Professional store hired me. Whew!

Divine Appointment

Working here and there, I gained a lot of experience. Body waxing, no thank you! Facials, I enjoy making people feel good. I'm one of those who likes to serve than be served, MOST of the time. 😁 Learning what skincare is good, why do I even need all these products? I love shortcuts! I don't like tedious things; these things all add up. When I moved back to Chicago, I met my husband at the end of that crazy whirlwind of a move. Got engaged 2 months later and married in August 2007. Had our three kids, now almost 12, 10 and 7. My husband moved for the first 7 years of our marriage. He grew up in Center Grove, Greenwood, IN. (That's how I ended up here!) For a couple of years, he tried to talk me into moving back to Indiana, Chicago was getting expensive to raise a family. I did it, I moved away, again.

New, new, beginnings...again.

It's been almost 10 years living here in Indy, and about 4 years ago, after homeschooling the kids and realizing, I can't do it anymore, I sent them to a school building. I started renting a small room, shared with my now close friend. But I wanted to glow. So, I found my studio in Old Town Greenwood, right on Madison and convinced my friend to follow me. This place was perfect! I've added many new advanced treatments like Radio Frequency and Cavitation (it literally melts stubborn fat! Very safe and effective). I learned Nanostroke Brows (very natural looking), an alternative to Microblading (which is in my opinion, on it's way out! Did you know only 20% of people are candidates due to types of skin? Yeah.) and more recently, added the Cold Plasma Device (this device is AMAZING, I will tell you all about the benefits!). I have a steady clientele and continue to add to my business. People find me from an hour away because I like to deliver results and it shows in my pictures. I offer free consultations and really do enjoy getting to know my clients. Building relationships has always been a part of my professional work history. Reading ingredients, customer service, informing my clients on the best and simplest of choices with the clean ingredients, all while pampering them with the power of my touch, it's all my pleasure. Seeing the joy and their smile on their beautiful, bright faces is what I truly enjoy.

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Let me introduce myself if you don't know me, I'm Clara. Wife, mom, aesthetician, makeup artist (special Occasion and permanent), and business owner.

Married to a wonderful man named Michael whose blessed me with three beautiful children! Elijah, Micaiah and Eliana. Yes busy, but joyfully loving Life...in abundance.

Always being attracted to beauty and color, I love anything that allows me to be creative, help others and shine! So, let me help YOU shine with almost 20 years of experience in beauty, skincare, makeup and anything I like to "touch".


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