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Do I really need Botox or Fillers?

February 21, 20246 min read

“I've had a little bit of plastic surgery. I've had a little lipo. I've had a little Botox. And you know what? None of it works. None of it.” - Jamie Lee Curtis


As we gracefully age, we're faced with the eternal question: Do I really need Botox or Fillers? To Botox or not to Botox? What do celebrities use instead of Botox? Facial expressions are our personal storylines etched into the canvas of time. But do we really need to resort to injectables that can leave us questioning both our bank accounts and our well-being? And what's the deal with 20-year-olds hopping on the Botox bandwagon? It's a money-making game, and you're the one holding the cards!

I've delved into countless testimonials, witnessing the rollercoaster ride of results from fillers – some absorbed, some not, but often dreadful, nonetheless. Let's not even talk about the tales of overworked Botox, leaving us with overworked images of less-than-pleasant looking 80-year-olds. Not the look we're aiming for, right?

Here's the real deal: there are alternatives, a secret trove of options to keep you looking as fresh as ever without breaking the bank or compromising your overall health. So, let's navigate this journey together and unveil the secrets to timeless beauty without the need for toxins.

With that said, here are 3 things you can do! I've got you! 👊

1. Home Care Simplified

Elevate Your Skincare Journey

With countless products lining the shelves, choosing the right skincare can feel like a daunting task. How many times have you found yourself lost in a sea of products, wondering if you're investing wisely or simply accumulating a drawer full of unused items? And let's not even get started on the questionable advice from "influencers"/sales reps, often leading to regrettable choices and financial losses.

Enter a guiding hand in your skincare journey – an Esthetician who not only imparts knowledge but genuinely cares about your skin health. 👋 Oh, hello! Nice to meet you! I'm here to share not just my 20 years of experience in the field, but a commitment to understanding various skincare lines, deciphering ingredients (long before it became a trend) and comprehending the science behind how these elements interact with your skin.

The AnteAge Advantage

In the age of Amazon convenience, home skincare devices abound. But not knowing how to use them properly can be disastrous. Did you know a home Radio Frequency device doesn't have to turn red to work? There are nuances, and that's where professional guidance becomes invaluable. Regular visits to an Esthetician need not break the bank; some of my clients come quarterly and still revel in the benefits of expert advice.

Enter AnteAge – a skincare line that stands out as a beacon of effectiveness. Derived from donor mesenchymal stem cells, meticulously sourced from screened, young women athletes, AnteAge boasts a clean, FDA-compliant process that extracts cytokines and growth factors. No human DNA, just a powerful formula for reversing, repairing, and protecting your cells. With alternatives like the AnteAge Pro System and AnteAge MD System, tailored for different skin needs, investing in the right skincare is a money-saving strategy in the long run.

Microneedling Magic at Home

Explore the AnteAge Home Microneedling kit, a home care product that stimulates controlled wound healing for healthier skin. Use it in conjunction with the AnteAge DUO lines for added benefits. Skincare is an investment in your largest organ – your skin. Strengthen its integrity, brighten, and tighten for enduring benefits.

2. Facial Exercise: Natural Solutions for Timeless Beauty

While external factors like hormones and environmental stress affect our skin, there are natural solutions beyond drastic measures like Botox or surgery. Facial yoga, a simple yet effective exercise routine, can make a significant difference, especially in combating platysmal bands. These bands, caused by the contraction of the platysma muscle, are a cosmetic concern that facial exercises can address. Discover a quick routine in this helpful video.

3. Facial Treatments In Studio

Elevate Your Glow: Unveiling Exclusive Facial Treatments

In the realm of rejuvenating facial treatments, I've curated a selection that goes beyond the ordinary. Discover the transformative experiences awaiting you at my studio.

Microneedling Marvels with AnteAge Professional Line

Let's talk microneedling and microchanneling - powerful treatments designed to stimulate a healing cascade in your skin, minus the bleeding. With the AnteAge professional line, I've witnessed the reversal of sun damage, lines, and wrinkles, taking years off my clients' faces, 20 to be exact! Priced from $199, these treatments are customizable, ensuring they align with your pace and budget. Invest in a permanent glow, complemented by recommended home care to defy the inevitable march of time.

Cold Plasma Facial - Beauty's Newest Secret Weapon

Introducing the Cold Plasma Facial, a recent addition to the beauty industry but rooted in hospital-grade sterilization and wound healing technology. Gentle yet effective, this treatment tightens, prevents aging, and tackles various skin concerns. Over 30? Customize your experience by combining it with bio-revitalization peel, addressing everything from facelift scars to stretch marks. With a starting price of $150, this treatment is a versatile investment in your skin's well-being.

Radio Frequency with EMS - Non-Surgical Facelift Magic

Yes, you read it right - a facelift without surgery! Radio Frequency with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the secret to tightened skin and lifted muscles. Skip the downtime and cost of surgery with this pain-free, functional treatment. Beyond the cosmetic benefits, clients have reported unexpected relief from pain. Witness immediate results, with long-term plumpness (end result, more collagen!), hydration, and smoothness emerging at week 6. Prices starting at $150. Picture below was taken an hour later.

Ultrasound Cavitation - Target Stubborn Fat Pockets

Zoom in on stubborn fat pockets with Ultrasound Cavitation. This treatment, certified for its potential in fat loss, sends sound waves to burst fat cells, flushing them away naturally. Enhance your glow and witness the transformative power of this treatment, starting at $95 and varying based on the targeted body part.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Radiance with Confidence

In the journey to radiant skin, the power is in your hands. Whether you choose microneedling, Cold Plasma Facials, Radio Frequency with EMS, or Ultrasound Cavitation, each treatment is a step towards preventing fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating fibroblasts, and enhancing collagen production.

I invite you to join me at the Old Town Greenwood Studio, a haven where your skin's vitality is the priority. A free consultation awaits you, offering personalized insights into the treatments that align with your unique needs. Hit the "book now" button on my website to schedule your session effortlessly.

Affordability is key to accessible self-care, and I'm proud to offer treatments that cater to various budgets. Explore the option of Cherry Financing for a seamless experience, with the potential for 6 months at 0%. Your skin's journey to health and radiance begins here. You can find that under Payment Plans on this website.

Remember, your choice for healthier, more vibrant skin is just a click or call away. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, because you deserve to glow with confidence. Visit my website for more details and take the first step towards your radiant transformation. Cheers to the radiant you!

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